Believe in your greatest visions and your ability to make them your reality

Our Story

Our Company was founded in 2020. Our story is simple, we love horses & everything equestrian. With our dedication and passion for riding, we have created and designed beautiful textiles for increased level of comfort, allowing your feet to breath with a sleek & polished style to complete your everyday equestrian style.

Maker Equestrian was named with purpose ….. to “Make your Mark”. To be proud of who you are and what you
do, to have fun and to make each ride count. We believe if you want to succeed, and to make your mark you need to
believe in yourself and do it for you.

Maker Equestrian is proud to support Horse rescues across the country, we are active with organizations who are dedicated to ending live export of horses and to supporting rescues. United Stride is our sock that gives back, 100% of these funds are donated directly to these organizations that are dedicating there endless efforts to the welfare of these horses. By joining together and acting together we can help protect the equity of these horses.


“Pride yourself on determination & courage
Perseverance is everything”

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